Different log-on for MySave Online Plus Account

Why do customers need a different log-on account registration for the MySave Online Plus Account?

  • Carol asks:

    Why do we have a different log-on account registration for the MySave Online Plus Account when we are already an existing Nationwide Online Account Holder? You are not making it easy for us - we have a completely new set of log-on details, including user ID, to remember. When I log on I want access to all my accounts under one umbrella and do not want to have to open another window with passwords etc to move money into or out of this account.

  • Nationwide replies:

    We appreciate that having separate log-on details for different accounts can be frustrating, as can the difficulty of moving money between MySave and other Nationwide accounts. Our objective with MySave Online Plus was to launch an online savings account quickly with no need to access it through a current account. Developing an online account that was fully integrated with our existing log-on and other systems would simply have taken too long. The account was launched specifically in response to feedback from people who, in a low interest-rate environment, wanted access to higher rates, but were not yet ready to open a current account which you need to access our other online savings accounts.

    If MySave Online Plus is not meeting your needs, do look at our range of other online savings accounts such as e-Savings, e-SavingsPlus, e-ISA and e-Bonds.

    Detail correct at 22 March 2011.

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