Request for Nationwide freephone number

Why do I have to ring an 0845 number when I would like a freephone number instead?

  • Annette asks:

    I have been a Nationwide customer for years. Why do I have to ring an 0845 number and not a freephone number?  I understand you offer 0800 numbers for the hard of hearing.

  • Nationwide replies:

    As you say, we do already give free access via an 0800 number if a customer is hard of hearing or has speech difficulties, as we are aware that conversations may take longer. This number is 0800 37 80 01 and it can be called by using Textphone (Minicom) or Text Relay.

    Extending the 0800 number and making calls free for everyone would result in significant costs to the Society and its members. This change would cost several million pounds to implement and millions more to maintain each year - a cost which would affect member benefits. Mobile phone users would still be charged for calling an 0800 number, as most mobile operators do not recognise 0800 as free in the same way as landline operators do. We suggest using a landline to call whenever you can as 0845 numbers are often free in landline phone company packages.  Check with your line provider if you are in any doubt. 

    Using 0845 numbers is all about Nationwide giving you a better service.  If the Nationwide number you are calling is already busy then the 0845 system means we can quickly and effectively route your call to another place where someone is available.

    All our telephone numbers can be found on the Contact us section on the website.

    Last updated 26 April 2012.

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