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We always welcome your positive ideas, big or small, on how we may improve our service. See what others have suggested and let us know your ideas in a form similar to those below.  We take note of all of your suggestions, however it is not possible to publish each one or provide an individual response from here.  If you have a matter that requires a response, please see the other ways to contact us

Please can we have web access to make claims under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Suggested by rayinturkeu

Agree (472)

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​Can you add a note to my account to make your employees aware that I have a mental health condition?

Suggested by chrismancs

Agree (61)

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Can you use first class post on all mail?

Suggested by Aitch (Enfield)

Agree (6)

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Please can you make it possible to choose where credit card cash back is credited?

Suggested by Scott (Brighton)

Agree (13)

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The House Price Index (HPI) isn't sufficiently localised

Suggested by Maggie (Halifax)

Agree (1)

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Can you allow multiple authorised addresses on my account?

Suggested by Zathras (London)

Agree (6)

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Can I change the colours of my FlexPlus and Select Credit Cards?

Suggested by RichMiles (Chippenham)

Agree (65)

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Can you introduce an option for gender neutral customer titles?

Suggested by MxAlexMolyneux (Reading)

Agree (51)

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Can you indicate which account holder made a debit or a credit on a joint account?

Suggested by Chris Van Dyk (Rickmansworth)

Agree (15)

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Please can you make sort codes/account numbers more easily accessible to make transactions?

Suggested by Billyboy (Caterham)

Agree (32)

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Please introduce a notification for each deposit made to my account

Suggested by Stuart (Norwich)

Agree (114)

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Please launch a Loyalty Savings Account recognising 50 years membership and above

Suggested by Old Hinckleyan (Cheltenham)

Agree (80)

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Please can you open branches on Sundays.

Suggested by David from Nottinghamshire

Agree (558)

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Why not offer an incentive to go paperless?

Suggested by David

Agree (521)

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Introduce braille symbol to distinguish cards

Suggested by episkopos (Manchester)

Agree (16)

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Introduce Video Relay Server service

Suggested by All Nationwide (Nottingham)

Agree (6)

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Please introduce airport lounge access for FlexPlus customers

Suggested by Nathan from Belfast

Agree (1507)

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Please allow the ability to amend the payee reference field each transaction

Suggested by BrianW

Agree (641)

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Please keep the FlexDirect 5% interest rate longer than a year

Suggested by Andy (Exmouth)

Agree (57)

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Offer rewards for loyalty not just account switching

Suggested by @SteveLyons7887

Agree (50)

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