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The Nationwide Select Credit Card is now available to more customers. Please tell us what you think.

​The Nationwide Select Credit Card, which launched in August, has exciting new features and is now available to more customers. Find out more here.

The Select Credit Card is exclusively for those people with a main Nationwide current account which supports our commitment to rewarding our members. We'd really like to know what you think.

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Nationwide's comment:

In response to Carole: Thank you for your question. You can change your PIN to a more memorable number at an ATM. Just follow the on screen instructions.

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Date posted - 20/06/2012 14:36:45

Carole said:

How can I change the PIN on my Select credit card to something more memorable?

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Date posted - 20/06/2012 14:36:26

Nationwide's comment:

In response to Wilf: Thank you for your question. If you have a FlexAccount and have registered for online banking you can notify us of your travel plans by logging onto your account. If you hold a Nationwide Credit Card, you can call our Customer Services team on 08457 998899 (before you depart) Monday - Friday (8am - 10pm) Saturday (8am - 8pm) or Sunday (9am - 5pm).

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Date posted - 08/06/2012 13:59:22

Wilf said:

To improve security can I inform you of the dates and the region that i shall be in the USA

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Date posted - 08/06/2012 13:59:00

Nationwide's comment:

In response to John: Thank you for your comment. We have no plans at the moment to introduce contactless to our credit cards, however, we are currently looking at all payment methods linked to our current account, as we realise that many customers want us to extend our transaction capability to include latest technologies, such as contactless.

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Date posted - 25/04/2012 10:09:18

John said:

I've seen customers at Nero's and McDonalds using the contactless swipe method of paying for their goods. For small purchases like this it looks like a neat facility. When will Nationwide cards be available to use at contactless swipe points?

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Date posted - 25/04/2012 10:09:06

Nationwide's comment:

In response to Jen: Thanks for your question regarding cash back. I can confirm that the cash rewards which you earn each month with the Select Credit Card will be shown on your statement and the total amount will be credited to your Nationwide Select Credit Card account in December each year.

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Date posted - 17/04/2012 13:31:33

Jen said:

I have just started using my select credit card, how do I get the cash back reward? Is it put into my flex account?

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Date posted - 17/04/2012 13:31:08

Nationwide's comment:

In response to Jimatno29: Last year we wrote to some of our existing credit card customers who have a main current account with us to inform them that their current credit card was been upgraded to our new Select Credit Card. The Select Credit Card offers customers some great benefits including 0.5% cash reward for all sterling purchases and commission-free purchases abroad. With the Select card you will not have to pay the 1% third party charge for transactions made outside the Visa Europe region. However Select card customers will no longer benefit from the free insurances that were offered with their Gold card. You can find out more about the Select Credit Card by visiting the credit card section on

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Date posted - 02/04/2012 11:47:54

Jimatno29 said:

I've had a Gold card for some years. More recently I was sent out of the blue a Select credit card. Did one replace the other? What's the difference? Which is best for use abroad?

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Date posted - 26/03/2012 09:17:03

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