Online credit card payments

Can you make it easier to pay credit card bills.

As a disabled person it takes a lot for me to get dressed and to get to a branch to pay my credit card bill every month. It seems strange that I take the money out of the hole in the wall outside your branch then I have to go in and pay it in. It is a lot of unnecessary work which could all be done online. Please think about it.

Date: 28/9/2011

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Suggested by chippyj from Neath

Response from Nationwide:

Chippyj, If you have a FlexAccount you can use the internet bank to make your credit card payments online. Just do an internal transfer if it is a Nationwide credit card or set up a bill payment if it is not a Nationwide credit card. Another option is to set up a monthly direct debit from your FlexAccount. You can set it to pay the minimum, a fixed amount or the whole balance. If you're having a problem setting up these facilities, use the internet bank to send us a message and we can help.

Date: 11/10/2011

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