Governance and Stakeholders

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Citizenship is owned by everyone at Nationwide and is led by our CEO, Graham Beale, who chairs the Citizenship Committee which meets quarterly. Under the Committee we have Working Groups, led by senior leaders within the business, which review progress against targets and assess emerging risks and opportunities in our priority areas, and report quarterly to the Citizenship Committee.

Our dedicated Citizenship Team manages the programme on a day to day basis, with the support of a network of Community Champions around the UK.


To be able to deliver the best possible value for our members, it's vital that we engage our key stakeholders so we understand their issues, keep abreast of best practice and strive to continually improve every part of our operations. We have a wide range of stakeholders.  Those we have the greatest impact on our members, government, employees, media and suppliers.  We main a conversation with them through a range of channels.


​Members can express their views and opinions through: 

  • TalkBacks – regular events around the country giving members the chance to talk to directors and members of our Board

  • Nationwide Connect – a group of more than 5,000 customers who give regular feedback on our products, services, advertising and new initiatives.

  • Member Suggestions – customers can make improvement ideas suggestions on products and services

  • social media – via our Facebook and Twitter pages

  • our Customer Service Tracker – independent research company contacts customers to ask them about the quality of service they receive

  • our annual AGM

  • nominating charities for Community Match and/or Big Local funding.

Government and MPs

We're in regular dialogue with political, regulatory and other stakeholders at local, national and international levels. 

We're active in the public policy debates around housing, savings, regulatory reform and many other issues that impact our members and our business.

We pursue our public affairs work through a range of activities including:

  • senior and working-level contact programmes with politicians and officials

  • responses to public consultations

  • hosting and participating in 'roundtables' and other events.

We also work closely with, and are an active member of, financial services trade bodies as well as sector specific trade bodies.

Our approach to public affairs is fully consistent with our policies on gifts and hospitality, and anti-bribery and corruption.


We've a range of forums and feedback channels for our employees:

  • our ViewPoint annual employee survey

  • online forums and Talkbacks with senior managers and internal communication events

  • our Pulsecheck survey, which is conducted every year to seek employees' feedback on the effectiveness of our internal communication and channels


​We look to partner with organisations that demonstrate a commitment to our mutual values, ethics, policies and standards.  It's also vital for us that our suppliers feel able to contribute their own ideas and expertise to help us achieve the best possible results.

Our Third Party Management Framework ensures that service performance is monitored as well as compliant to the policies and standards we set out in our Suppliers Code of Practice, launched in 2012.

In 2013/14, we established an Ethical Supplier Forum which brought together some of our biggest partners to share best practice around engagement in citizenship and ethical practices.


​We regularly engage with journalists to discuss their issues and interests.

We've developed a compelling media narrative to explain Nationwide's difference from the banks.

Over the last year we've communicated these messages to more than 300 journalists face-to-face, we've responded to more than 2,400 journalist enquiries and monitored around 36,000 mentions on social media.​

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Living on your side brings to life our brand promise to be on the side of our members, and was developed following extensive consultation with members, employees and wider stakeholders

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