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You can nominate a charity or community project for Nationwide's support. We like to support charities or projects which deliver a tangible impact on local communities and which are near to our branches or admin centres. We also like to support projects where our support unlocks further funding and where our employees' skills and knowledge are useful.

We favour causes linked to housing, financial education and money management, but do not fund religious, political or overseas charities.

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We will use your data for the purposes of administering your charity nomination and contact your charity should they be successful.

The email address and contact details provided will not be posted online and will be stored under the conditions of Nationwide's existing privacy policy.

Woodlands Creation

We've pledged to create woodlands across the UK. Over time, as these trees grow, they will provide natural sanctuaries for everyone to enjoy

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​Nationwide is investing and unlocking £15 million to support local communities, giving our customers a greater say in the causes we support and focusing on young people and schools

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