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This strand of 'Living on your side' is about behaving ethically and responsibly towards the environment, our employees, suppliers and members. The Your Society activities of our 'Living on your side' strategy are focused on three areas:

  • Your Ethical Business
  • Your ​Environment
  • Your Workplace

We seek to operate ethically and responsibly and help to build a better society. It's not something extra we do, it underpins everything we do.

Inside your society

See what we're doing to run Nationwide ethically, how we reduce our environmental footprint and maintain a high performing workforce.

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Targets for year 5 (Q1 2016/17)

Targets for year 5 (Q1 2016/17

Your Home

Number of people into a home of their own

  • Actual
  • Target
  • 180k
  • 140k
  • 100k
  • 60k
  • 0k

We want to help 750,000 people into a home of their own

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Your Money

Number of people started saving

  • Actual
  • Target
  • 280k
  • 220k
  • 160k
  • 100k
  • 0k

We want to empower one million people to start saving

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Your Community

Amount invested and unlocked in local communities

  • Actual
  • Target
  • £5.5m
  • £4.0m
  • £2.5m
  • £1.0m
  • £0.0m

We want to invest and unlock £15 million in local communities

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