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Nationwide is a mutual, which means we are owned by our members.  With 160 years’ experience meeting our members’ needs and as the world’s largest building society, we are unique.

Our vision is to be the first choice for financial services in the UK and one of the leading responsible companies in the UK. Doing what is right by our members and the communities in which they live goes to the heart of what it means to be a mutual.

In 2012, we launched Living on your side, a five year citizenship strategy which brings to life our brand promise to be on the side of our members. With it came the aspiration to take our citizenship to the next level and in doing so make a lasting difference to UK society.

For us, citizenship is about how we can use our products, services, campaigning and community investment collectively to deliver a greater social impact. It's also our ability to mobilise our customers, employees and wider stakeholders to work together to achieve our social aims.

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Our Living on your side strategy sets out three ambitious targets to be delivered by 2017:

  • Your Home: help 750,000 people into a home of their own
  • Your Money: empower one million people to start saving
  • Your Community: invest and unlock £15 million into local communities, as directed by our customers and employees

In addition to our three targets, Living on your side is about how we stay true to our mutual values and run our business in a responsible and ethical way. This means treating our customers fairly and making our products and services inclusive. It’s about having an ethical and sustainable supply chain. It's about the way we support our employees and champion diversity in the workplace. And its about what we’re doing minimise the impact we have on the environment through our operations. We drive forward this responsible and ethical approach through the Your Society  element of our strategy.

How are we doing?

​We're two years into our five year citizenship strategy.  This year we've made strong progress against the targets we set ourselves in 2012.

​To find out more, read our annual citizenship report that reflects the activity in the April 2013 - March 2014 financial year, which is in line with Nationwide's financial year.

The information reported is based on ongoing feedback we receive from internal and external stakeholders.  It's guided by LGG guidelines, Business in the Community public disclosure requirements and Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

The Global Reporting Initiative provides a framework for companies to measure and report their sustainability preformance. For 2013/14, we've self-declared a grade B against the GRI 3.1 Guidelines; detalis of which can be found on this GRI Index Table.

We've commissioned Corporate Citizenship, the Corporate Responsibilty Consultancy, to provide an ISAE 3000-based assurance of our report this year.  The Assurance Statement is available here.




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Global Reporting Initiative

Citizenship Report 2014

A summary version of the Citizenship Report 2014 in PDF​

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Targets for year 3 (Q2 2014/15)

Overview of progress against our three Living on your side goals.

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