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01 February 2016: Nationwide contributes to lots of community groups around the UK, each month we choose charities from a different UK region nominated by you, our members. The charity with the most votes will receive £5,000.

February 2016 Vote - Supporting Northern Ireland

We currently fund three groups in Northern Ireland, but who should receive the extra £5,000 this month? Cast your vote now below! Votes close at 9am on Tuesday 1st March 2016.

About the three charities:

CLIC Sargent NI

Every week, two children and young people are diagnosed with cancer in Northern Ireland. Because cancer in children and young people is relatively rare, they are diagnosed and treated at specialist hospitals in Belfast.

This means that some families have to travel a long way on a regular basis to get treatment, sometimes making round trips of hundreds of miles, which can be exhausting and expensive. Families and young people in Northern Ireland travel on average 95 miles, sometimes every day, to access cancer treatment in Belfast. 

CLIC Sargent’s Homes from Home give families a place they can stay together free of charge while their child is receiving treatment at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children or at the Belfast City and Northern Ireland Cancer Centre – so they don’t have to make long and expensive journeys to and from hospital.

Diabetes UK NI

Diabetes UK NI is the only organisation working to improve the lives of people living with diabetes and their families in Northern Ireland. Diabetes is a complicated condition that can be difficult to manage affecting over 85,000 people across Northern Ireland including 1,120 children. The number of people with diabetes continues to rise.

They provide valuable local support services to people living with diabetes and their families,  commission research into understanding how best to treat, avoid and cure diabetes, and campaign for better care and treatment that will enable people with diabetes to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.

NI Transplant Association

They provide emotional and financial support to those affected by organ donation/ transplantation. Every family affected by transplantation goes through huge  stress and difficulty. Often financial strains make this time even more  difficult, and this is  where  they would aim  to ease the burden through approval of assistance grants. To keep administration costs  to a minimum, volunteers operate from  home and there  are no expenses for  premises  or  salaries.

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We currently fund three groups in Northern Ireland, but who should receive the extra £5,000 this month? Cast your vote!



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