Shelter's Emergency Christmas appeal

75,000 children across Britain will wake up homeless on Christmas morning

21 November 2012:  Nationwide has been working with Shelter - the housing and homelessness charity - for over a decade and has provided crucial funding for a number of Shelter’s key community-based services across the UK including; the free National Housing Advice Helpline, skills and housing support services in Bristol and Shelter’s Teachers’ Centre – a free, online resource for teachers.

Since 2009, with Nationwide’s support, Shelter has helped over 3,000 families, adults and children in housing need. But more needs to be done, especially at this time of year.

It’s hard to believe, but 75,0001 children will wake up homeless on Christmas morning in hostels, B&Bs and other temporary accommodation across Britain.

Picture: Philip Wolmuth

Many will have spent years moving from place to place, forced to leave friends, pets and toys behind. Others will be crammed into one room with their family – sharing beds with their siblings, and toilet and kitchen facilities with total strangers.

Such overcrowded, inadequate living arrangements take a terrible toll on a child’s physical and mental health. And their education inevitably suffers, having a profound effect on their future prospects and happiness. 

Shelter provides face-to-face support centres and a free, emergency telephone helpline which will be open over Christmas and one call really can be enough to find a child a proper home. But they need our help to keep these services open, to take calls and help find homes for the thousands of children who desperately need it this Christmas.

Could you help Shelter this Christmas? Make a donation online or text HOMES to 87085 to give £3 to Shelter’s Emergency Christmas appeal.

Nationwide is continuing to support Shelter with a new four year £1 million partnership that aims to help 16,000 people into a home of their own. The Society will be supporting the charity via financial donations and employee fundraising, as well as offering skills-based volunteering.  This partnership forms part of a broader plan to help 750,000 people into a home of their own by 2017.



1 Children in Temporary Accommodation.England: DCLG, figures for June 2012 published September 2012. Scotland: Scottish government, figures for June 2012 published October 2012. Wales: Welsh Government, figures for June 2012 published in September 2012.

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