Nationwide's new advertising campaign


New "On your side" campaign reinforces the benefits of being a building society

Nationwide has launched its new advertising campaign, under the new banner Nationwide - 'On your side', with a sixty second advert aired on prime time TV.

'On your side' reflects Nationwide's role as a challenger in UK financial services and embodies the building society's commitment to putting customers first with good value products and excellent service. It builds upon the 'Proud to be Different' campaign which highlighted Nationwide's position as the UK's biggest building society.

The new campaign features a magical carousel that captures everyday moments in people's lives, showing how Nationwide can help them with important things such as saving for the future or buying a home.

Andy McQueen, Nationwide's Marketing Director, explains: "Nationwide is proud of the fact that, as a building society, we put the needs of our customers first. Rather than trying to maximise profits for shareholders as the banks do, we help people make the most of their finances whilst ensuring their cash is safe and secure.

"'On your side' is Nationwide's promise to help hard working people get on better with their money, and the new campaign – spearheaded by the TV ad – will bring this to life by showing how we really do help them, whether it's managing their day-to-day finances better or saving for the big things in life, such as your first home or your child's education.

"'On your side' is also demonstrated by the things that Nationwide already does, such as our Savings Promises, our pledge to ensure transparency and long-term good value rates, as well as product innovations like our 'Save to Buy' savings account that rewards Nationwide customers with 95% loan to value mortgages for first time buyers."

The new ad aired across the entire ITV1 network during the first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey.

If you haven't seen the ad, here's your chance to watch it now.

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