Anti-fraud telephone technology

14 April 2011: As part of Nationwide's commitment to reduce card fraud we use automated call technology to alert customers where we have identified potentially fraudulent activity involving your current account card, Savings card or Credit Card. We sometimes block cards from being used if we spot unusual card activity that suggests a fraud is taking place. We do this for your protection but we know you will want the minimum of fuss and your card to be quickly unblocked if it is being used genuinely.

This technology allows you to confirm whether the identified transactions are genuine using your telephone keypad, or by speaking to a member of our customer services team if you suspect fraud.

If your card has been blocked you may receive an automated telephone call. You will be asked to identify yourself by giving your date of birth, then you will hear a short list of transactions and you will be asked to confirm whether you have made these transactions or not. If you did not make the transactions you will be able to speak with a Nationwide consultant to discuss potential fraudulent activity on your card.

If you recognise the transactions and confirm that they are genuine, you will be able to unblock your card by using your telephone keypad. You will then be able to use your card within a few minutes of confirming that the transactions are genuine.

If you are not available to answer the call we will try to contact you again up to four times on your home landline and mobile phone. A voicemail message will be left asking you to call us on the following numbers:

  • Current Account and Savings: 0845 401 9133 (UK), or +44 1793 659928 (abroad).
  • Credit Card: 0845 351 2255 (UK), or +44 2476 438996 (abroad)

If we don't hear from you within 24 hours, we will send a letter to your home address asking you to call our automated contact number. For your protection, your card will remain blocked until you have confirmed that the transactions are genuine or you have spoken to one of our consultants.

As the automated customer call will be made to the home landline and mobile phone numbers which are held by Nationwide, it is important that your details are correct. If you need to update your contact information you can do so either on the Internet Bank or by visiting your local Nationwide branch.

For further information on this service you can read our FAQs or listen to an audio file in which you will hear an example of the automated call.

For more fraud awareness information read other news articles: How to fox the fraudsters, Don't be a victim of fraud and Stay safe from financial fraud.

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre and acts as a central point for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime. Find out more about what they do and view their latest ‘The Devil’s in your details’ campaign.

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